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    1. Mannix S01E01 The Name Is Mannix
    2. Mannix S01E02 Skid Marks on a Dry Run
    3. Mannix S01E03 Nothing Ever Works Twice
    4. Mannix S01E04 The Many Deaths of Saint Christopher
    5. Mannix S01E05 Make It Like It Never Happened
    6. Mannix S01E06 The Cost of a Vacation
    7. Mannix S01E07 Warning; Live Blueberries
    8. Mannix S01E08 Beyond the Shadow of a Dream
    9. Mannix S01E09 Huntdown
    10. Mannix S01E10 Coffin for a Clown
    11. Mannix S01E11 A Catalogue of Sins
    12. Mannix S01E12 Turn Every Stone
    13. Mannix S01E13 Run, Sheep, Run
    14. Mannix S01E14 Then the Drink Takes The Man
    15. Mannix S01E15 Falling Star
    16. Mannix S01E16 License To Kill Limit Three People
    17. Mannix S01E17 Deadfall 1
    18. Mannix S01E18 Deadfall 2
    19. Mannix S01E19 You Can Get Killed Out There
    20. Mannix S01E20 Another Final Exit
    21. Mannix S01E21 Eight to Five, It's a Miracle
    22. Mannix S01E22 Delayed Action
    23. Mannix S01E23 To Kill a Writer
    24. Mannix S01E24 The Girl in the Frame
    25. Mannix S02E01 The Silent Cry
    26. Mannix S02E02 Comes Up Rose
    27. Mannix S02E03 Pressure Point
    28. Mannix S02E04 To The Swiftest, Death
    29. Mannix S02E05 The End of the Rainbow
    30. Mannix S02E06 A Copy of Murder
    31. Mannix S02E07 Edge of the Knife
    32. Mannix S02E08 Who Will Dig the Graves
    33. Mannix S02E09 The Need of a Friend
    34. Mannix S02E10 Night Out of Time
    35. Mannix S02E11 A View of Nowhere
    36. Mannix S02E12 Fear I to Fall
    37. Mannix S02E13 Deathrun
    38. Mannix S02E14 A Pittance of Faith
    39. Mannix S02E15 Only Giants Can Play
    40. Mannix S02E16 Shadow of a Man
    41. Mannix S02E17 The Girl Who Came in with the Tide
    42. Mannix S02E18 Death in a Minor Key
    43. Mannix S02E19 End Game
    44. Mannix S02E20 All Around the Money Tree
    45. Mannix S02E21 Odds Against Donald Jordan
    46. Mannix S02E22 Last Rites for Miss Emma
    47. Mannix S02E23 The Solid Gold Web
    48. Mannix S02E24 Merry Go Round for Murder
    49. Mannix S02E25 To Catch a Rabbit
    50. Mannix S03E01 Eagles Sometimes Can't Fly
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