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  1. Suspense S05E17 The Invisible Killer with Jackie Cooper
  2. Suspense S05E24 The Quarry
  3. Suspense S05E21 Career
  4. Suspense S05E20 Vacancy for Death with Joan Blondell
  5. Suspense S05E19 Mr Matches 13 Jan with Henry Jones
  6. Suspense S05E11 Monsieur Vidocq
  7. Suspense S05E10 The Moving Target
  8. Suspense S05E09 All Hallow's Eve
  9. Suspense S05E07 The Blue Panther
  10. Suspense S05E05 The Beach of Falesa with John Forsyth
  11. Suspense S05E04 Set Up for Death with Brian Kieth
  12. Suspense S05E01 The Old Lady of Bayeux
  13. Suspense S04E49 Woman In Love with Paul Newman
  14. Suspense S04E48 Her Last Adventure with Lloyd Bridges
  15. Suspense S04E47 Remember Me with Cloris Leachman
  16. Suspense S04E45 The Crooked Frame
  17. Suspense S04E44 For The Love of Randi with Darren McGavin
  18. Suspense S04E40 Home of Masks
  19. Suspense S04E38 The Debt with Brian Kieth
  20. Suspense S04E36 The Corsage aka Fingers Of Fear with Brian Kieth
  21. Suspense S04E34 The Purloined Letter
  22. Suspense S04E33 Alibi Me
  23. Suspense S04E31 Black Panther with Chester Morris
  24. Suspense S04E28 Four Days to Kill with Brian Kieth
  25. Suspense S04E23 Betrayal in Vienna with Claude Dauphin
  26. Suspense S04E22 Death Drum with Maria Riva
  27. Suspense S04E16 Pier 17 with Paul Langton
  28. Suspense S04E12 Frisco Payoff
  29. Suspense S03E47 Wisteria Cottage
  30. Suspense S03E35 The Meeting Murderers' Meeting with Jackie Cooper
  31. Suspense S03E34 The Juiceman with Cloris Leachman
  32. Suspense S03E32 Go Home Dead Man with Jackie Cooper
  33. Suspense S03E31 The Three Of Silence
  34. Suspense S03E30 Telephone Call
  35. Suspense S03E29 On A Country Road with John Forsythe
  36. Suspense S03E25 Double Entry with Virginia Gilmore
  37. Suspense S03E22 Dead Fall
  38. Suspense S03E20 Tough Cop
  39. Suspense S03E18 The Tip
  40. Suspense S03E16 The Mallet with Walter Slezak
  41. Suspense S03E12 The Brush Off with Leslie Nielsen and George Reeves
  42. Suspense S03E03 Edge of Panic
  43. Suspense S03E02 Pocketful Of Murder with Steven Hill, Barry Nelson
  44. Suspense S02E38 Photo Finish with Richard Boone
  45. Suspense S02E33 Murder at the Mardi Gras with George Superman Reeves
  46. Suspense S02E31 One Thousand Dollars To One For Your Money
  47. Suspense S02E29 The Old Man's Badge
  48. Suspense S02E28 The Parcel with Lee Marvin
  49. Suspense S02E26 The Man Who Talked in His Sleep
  50. Suspense S02E24 The Suicide Club
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